August 2023


Understanding Skincare Ingredients: Actives Vs. Inactives

It can feel like you’re learning a new language when shopping for skincare products. How can you create a custom skincare routine? What ingredients should you use and why? To get started with your skincare routine, check out the following infographic to learn more about skincare ingredients, including actives and inactives, as well as the benefits of common ingredients.

This infographic was created by SeSpring, shop cruelty-free Korean moisturizing cream for face

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The Role of Certification and Appraisals: Building Confidence in Diamond Buyers

As an informed diamond buyer, you understand the importance of confidence and trust in the products you purchase. Given the value and longevity of diamonds, you want assurance in the quality, specifications, and overall value of any stone you acquire. Professional certification and independent appraisals provide that confidence through unbiased analysis and documentation of a diamond’s attributes. With a reputable grading laboratory certification, you know the diamond’s exact color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. A certified appraisal from a graduate gemologist confirms these qualities and provides a fair market valuation of the diamond should you ever want to insure, sell, or trade the stone. For discriminating buyers focused on quality and value retention, professional certification and appraisal reports are essential to building confidence in your diamond purchases.

How Diamond Certification Provides Assurance for Diamond Buyers

Diamond certification provides assurance and confidence for buyers in several vital ways. Certified diamonds have been evaluated by independent gemological institutes that verify the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. This helps ensure buyers get a diamond that matches the quality and specifications they purchased.

With certification, buyers can feel confident in the diamond’s authenticity and quality. They have the assurance that the diamond’s key attributes, like color grade, clarity, cut quality, and dimensions, are as stated. This provides peace of mind for such a significant purchase. Certification is essential for buyers purchasing diamonds sight unseen online or from vendors with whom they need an established relationship.

Professional appraisals from accredited appraisers provide an additional level of assurance. An appraisal determines a diamond’s fair market value based on current market conditions. Appraised values provide buyers confidence that they are paying a fair price for the diamond’s quality. Appraisals are also required for insurance purposes.

In summary, diamond certification and professional appraisals give buyers confidence in their diamond purchases. They ensure that the diamond is authentic and accurately represented and determine fair value. The assurance and peace of mind certification and appraisal offer are worth the investment for most diamond buyers.

Why an Appraisal Is Important for Diamond Buyers

An appraisal by a certified gemologist is crucial for diamond buyers to have confidence in their purchase. Appraisals provide an independent, expert evaluation of your diamond’s quality characteristics and current market value.

Quality and Specifications

A certified appraiser will evaluate the diamond’s specifications, including the 4 C’s: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. They determine the diamond’s shape, measurements, and other attributes that affect its beauty and value. The appraisal documents these specifications for your records and future reference.

Market Value

The appraiser, an experienced jewelry buyer, will research diamond prices from recent sales of comparable diamonds to determine your diamond’s fair market value. As knowledgeable jewelry buyers, they have expertise in assessing the worth of diamonds based on current market trends. You could expect to sell the diamond for this price in the current market, making it an advantageous transaction. The appraised value, provided by the skilled jewelry buyer, gives you peace of mind that you paid a fair price and helps ensure the diamond holds its value over time.

Insurance Purposes

If needed, the appraisal provides documentation for insurance companies if your diamond is lost, stolen, or damaged. Most insurers require an up-to-date appraisal to determine the diamond’s insured value. Appraisals may need to be updated every 3 to 5 years to account for diamond and jewelry market changes.

In summary, a certified diamond appraisal gives buyers confidence through an expert analysis of the 4 C’s, determining the fair market value, and providing documentation for insurance purposes. An independent appraisal is well worth the investment for such a valuable purchase.

FAQs From Diamond Buyers: How Certification and Appraisals Build Trust

As a diamond buyer, you likely have many questions about how certification and appraisals build trust in the diamond industry. Certification and appraisals help ensure you get the high-quality diamond you paid for.

What is diamond certification?

Diamond certification evaluates a diamond to determine its key attributes like the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Independent grading laboratories employ expert gemologists to examine each diamond and provide an unbiased assessment of its quality. The diamond is then issued an official certificate, like those from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS), with a report of its grade. This gives buyers confidence that the diamond meets the stated specifications.

Why are appraisals important?

A diamond appraisal, just like a silver buyer‘s evaluation, provides an estimated market value of the diamond. Appraisals consider the specifics of an individual diamond as recorded on its certification report, the overall diamond market, and other factors like the setting. Appraisals are important for insurance if a diamond is lost, damaged, or stolen. They also provide peace of mind that you paid a fair price for your diamond based on its attributes and current market conditions.

How do certifications and appraisals benefit buyers?

In summary, certifications and appraisals give buyers key facts about diamonds so they can confidently make informed purchasing decisions. Certifications verify the diamond’s attributes, while appraisals determine a fair estimated market value. Together, these services help establish trust between buyers and sellers, which is crucial for high-value transactions. By understanding these processes, buyers can feel assured they have received a high-quality, valuable diamond that will last a lifetime.


In the end, confidence is key for diamond buyers in the diamond industry. With expensive, high-value purchases, buyers want assurance they are getting exactly what they pay for. Industry standards and independent certifications provide that confidence by evaluating and verifying each stone’s quality, specifications, and characteristics. Appraisals take it further by determining an estimated market value for insurance and resale purposes. While no system is foolproof, reputable grading reports and appraisals from gemological institutes with stringent standards significantly reduce buyer risks. You can buy with the peace of mind that your precious gemstone will maintain its beauty and value for generations. With the proper certifications and appraisals, you have a diamond you can trust.

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